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The school lays great emphasis on N.C.C.training, as it makes the youth disciplined and patriotic, broadens theiroutlook and inculcates in them qualities of self-reliance leadership anddetermination. The students are advised to join N.C.C. in large numbers. Theschool has an authorised strength of two wings 1-Senior, 2- Junior. The SeniorWing is lead by Major Sukhjit Kaur as ANO and Junior Wing by T.O. InderpreetKaur. Our two NCC Cadets Amritpal Kaur & Arshdeep Kaur of Punjab, Haryana,Chandigarh, HP Directorate got 1st Banner in Republic Day Competition held atDelhi. Our student Navjot Kaur participated in Youth Exchange Programme held atVietnam. Under officer Sukhpreet Kaur (12th Class) and LCPL Loveneet Kaur (12thClass) represented Ludhiana Group in Inter Group Shooting Competition held atRopar.

NAVAL NCC WING :- A Naval NCC Wing has beenestablished with an intake of 50 students to prepare girl cadets for MerchantNavy. under the incharge ship of Ms Anjna Angi and Ms Vipul Aggarwal.

Rules regarding N.C.C. are as follows :-

1- The cadets have to present themselves fortraining and parades at fixed place and time.

2- All cadets are expected to attend camps forwhich they are detained. Heavy fine is imposed for absence from the campwithout prior permission of the Principal.

3- All cadets have to pay Rs.50/- towards theirunit private fund to be operated by the Principal. As institution is beingprivately managed, it does not receive any grant from the N.C.C. Department.Refreshment to the cadets is being borne by the school itself. Only 1/3 of thetotal expenditure of the camps will be paid by the school itself.

4- All N.C.C. Cadets shall be issued uniformwhich they are expected to use with care during the training periods. If anyarticle is lost or damaged, the loss shall be repaired by the studentconcerned.

5- Each cadet must attend 75% of the parades conductedduring the session.


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