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This scheme aims at creating in the students a sense ofparticipation in nation building through programmes such as eradication ofilliteracy, slum clearance, road building, voluntary health service, nationalintegration campaign and career guidance for students and to develop a spirit ofequality and fraternity in all sections of society. The school has two units ofN.S.S. headed by Mrs. Satinder Kaur Saini and Mrs. Harsimrat Kaur as ProgrammeOfficers. Students are advised to join N.S.S. in large number. Various Seminarsare organised during these camps.

In order to inculcate the spirit of belongingness,National Integration and brotherhood following days are being

celebrated inthe school.

1)        Independance Day 2) Republic Day 3) Gurpuravs4) Lohri 5) Eid

2)        Diwali 7) Christmas 8) Holi 9) Teachers Day 10)Childrens Day

3)        Voters Day 12). N.C.C. Day 13.) SeniorCitizens Day 14.) Aids Awareness Day

15.) Wet Land Day. 16.) Save Earth Week 16.) CommunalHarmony Week


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